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Boy with VR goggles; symbolising the learning resources for business continuity management available from Justin Cuckow available from

Emergency preparedness, risk and business continuity management

Training Options overview:

With extensive expertise in risk, business continuity and crisis response, Incident Ready Consulting is delighted to be able to offer a wide range of engaging scenario-based training courses and workshops to ensure that your people are rehearsed and ready.


We are always happy to design bespoke training and workshop sessions to meet your exact requirements.


A hugely experienced trainer and facilitator able to engage students of all abilities and seniorities with relevant case studies and examples to bring concepts into the real world and to raise plans off the paper into the reality of a portacabin with high vis jackets on and the smell of smoke still lingering in the air!

Justin Cuckow leading a session
A list of six training courses
Attributes for on-line courses

The images below give further details for each of the six courses:

Click here to access a demonstration version of the "Introduction to Business Continuity in Higher Education"


Online courses can be branded to your organisation and tailored to reflect your incident escalation, mobilisation and management processes. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Course 1 learning objectives
Course 2 learning objectives
Course 3 learning objectives
Course 4 learning objectives
Course 5 learning objectives
Course 6 learning objectives

“I have worked with Justin to deliver bespoke Business Continuity teaching. We developed a one day course for Emergency Medicine clinicians and managers as part of the Advanced Disaster Response course run at the Academy of Medical Colleges in Hong Kong.”


“While at St Thomas’ Justin was central to designing and running a successful live major incident exercise in A&E (Exercise 'Unified Response') to test response and business continuity along the critical care pathway, delivering valuable learning opportunities for the clinicians and assurance to the Trust that we were prepared to manage a major incident.“

Katherine Henderson, President at The Royal College of Emergency Medicine

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