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Emergency preparedness, risk and business continuity management

Did your plans work during COVID?

  • Were they unwieldy, out of date, and insufficiently understood?  

  • Did your incident team lack confidence and rehearsal?

  • Have your plans been updated to reflect the need for new contingencies to protect new ways of working?

A recent survey from the Business Continuity Institute highlighted that 75% of organisations have significantly changed their operational delivery model.

I love to upskill individuals and teams, giving them confidence to build robust continuity and risk management plans.

Bespoke training tailored to your needs, for example for:

  • 1st responders

  •  Incident Commanders and loggists

  •  Business Continuity basics

          o  Effective Business Impact Analysis / Risk assessment

          o  Business Continuity Plans and All hazard management

  •  Masterclasses for senior managers and Internal Champions

          o  Embedding resilience post crisis and organisational change

          o  Supply chain risk and resilience management

  •  Exercise design, delivery and evaluation


Training can be delivered on-line and on site to suit.

Coronavirus briefing, part of ISO 22301 implementation

Coronavirus training to first responders.

January 2020, Pre-pandemic, University of Surrey

Incident Ready Consulting is delighted to be partnering with Marshall, specialists in developing interactive and engaging e-learning to create tailored and up to date content based on best practice for learner engagement.

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Master Classes

Embedding Resilience course; title page

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BCP development course; title page

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“I have worked with Justin to deliver bespoke Business Continuity teaching. We developed a one day course for Emergency Medicine clinicians and managers as part of the Advanced Disaster Response course run at the Academy of Medical Colleges in Hong Kong.”


“While at St Thomas’ Justin was central to designing and running a successful live major incident exercise in A&E (Exercise 'Unified Response') to test response and business continuity along the critical care pathway, delivering valuable learning opportunities for the clinicians and assurance to the Trust that we were prepared to manage a major incident.“

Katherine Henderson, President at The Royal College of Emergency Medicine