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"Apocalypse"; A summary of Justin Cuckow's international crisis management experience helping organisations avoid or minimise major disasters

A-Z of Justin's Incident Management Experience


Adverse weather – Led planning for and response to flooding, drought, snow / ice and heatwave

Asbestos incidents – air quality sampling, HSE liaison, communications to at risk individuals, insurance links


Bomb threat – establishing protocols for security based on HOT principles, working with SCO19

Brexit preparations – operational lead for no-deal preparations at the University of Surrey

Battle Box preparation – responsible for ensuring hospital control rooms are always incident ready


COVID-19 – operational lead for response, including design of support for vulnerable and recovery planning

Command and Mobilising Centre systems – Led a Fire and Rescue CMC operational resilience review

Customer Contact Centre– Built the BCP & stress tested full evacuation for a 1 million calls p.a contact centre

Crisis communications plans – media training, social media monitoring, spokespeople support, channel development

Control room design, maintenance and management – for two hospital site control rooms / Major incident suite


Data breach – development of protocols and management of breach, ICO liaison and customer resolution

Disaster Recovery – scoping, developing, testing and auditing. Assuring DR meets business need

Drought – West Sussex LRF planning for restrictions, water collection points, business preparedness


Earthquakes  - Led the in-country supply chain for the Red Cross, responding to Kashmir and Yogyakarta

Evacuation planning - across a range of settings (contact centres, headquarters, care homes, hospitals) including support to highly vulnerable people


Flooding – management of flood risk to critical national infrastructure and hospital evacuation plans

(Internal). Loss of a 5 story building due to internal burst pipes following “beast from the East”

(External) – Duty Manager duing Christmas 2012 property flooding in West Sussex

Fire  - Duty manager response to a significant University chemistry laboratory fire – insurance claim £1million


Gas leak – Impacting major accommodation blocks hosting 2,000 students during winter

Generators – from load assessment to load testing and incident mobilisation from call off contracts.


Helpline set up – in response to COVID-19, data breach and meningitis. Remote teleworker options built.

Heating Failure – supporting customer experience (2,000 students!), running welfare centre

Heatwave – Local Authority, fire and Rescue and Acute hospital trust planning and vulnerable people support. ORS station set up

HV resilience – full power down of a whole campus for essential HV maintenance – 6 month project to manage risks and continuity of critical research


IT Service Continuity – detailed support to the design of BCPs workarounds in all roles. Support to enhancing IT Incident Management, and business validation of RPO, RTO. Extensive involvement in managing testing and recovery

Industrial Action – Operational continuity planning for Junior Doctor strikes whilst at Guy’s and St Thomas’


JESIP –Experienced practitionner of JESIP concepts and use of the joint decision making model


Kidnap and ransom - Of a fellow aid worker in Afghanistan by the Taleban. Supported release & family liaison


Load testing – of generators to ensure essential power circuits function in hospital critical care areas

Lockdown – drove hospital lockdown at St Thomas’ to just 3 minutes via extensive risk review and training

Legionella – oversight of water testing schedule and anomaly investigation and dead leg management


Major incidents – mass casualty arrival St Thomas’ (Appollo theatre ceiling collapse), COVID-19 coordination

Meningitis outbreak – management of a vaccination campaign for 4,200 students with PHE. Toolkit available

Mass fatalities / mortuary support – Mortuary resilience and scale up plans in line with home office guidance


Notification systems – selection and implementation of a new mass notification tool at Guy’s and St Thomas’


Operational orders – management of security for high profile visits, with embassies and protection teams


Pandemic planning - Supported Hospital preparedness and continuity planning. Took part in national exercises .

Protest – from managed high profile speakers, to sit ins and barricades

PREVENT – supported duty holder to roll out Project Argus, and run hide tell.

Power cuts – from loss of a substation to prolonged outages during winter

Procurement - Establishing business continuity requirements for strategic contracts and evaluation of supplier bids


Queen – Operation London Bridge. Development of protocols in line with government plans


Recovery – from multiple incidents including scenario planning for COVID-19 phased re-opening


Snow – A23 overnight closure whilst duty officer. Hundreds stranded in cars and live on the radio.

Succession planning – critical review of key management functions, cross skilling and formalising procedures

Swine flu – at West Sussex I supported liaison with public health as this new duty landed with local authority

Supply chain resilience - working closely with procurement to build and implement resilient procurement guidance and active contract management for resilience


Tsunami response (Sri lanka, Indonesia) – 9 months in country leading response in affected communities

TRIM training – Trauma Related Incident Management Training to support responders in watchful waiting


Unexploded Ordinance – Bermondsey WWII bomb led to widespread community health facility evacuations


Volcanic eruptions (Nyiragongo – Goma, DRC, Mount Merapi, Yogyakarta, Indonesia) – humanitarian response

Vulnerable people – support to care home closures, Gatwick  airport annual re-licencing exercise


Water supply contamination - hospital supply contamination working with DWI and PHE


Xmas day working as duty officer in response to flooding


Yellowhammer HMG’s Brexit guidance


Zika preparedness – focused on pregnant staff and student traveller risk awareness

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