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Crisis Management wordmap; support to risk mangement and business continuity management planning and  ISO 22301

Support & Services
Business Continuity Planning and ISO22301


With over 20 years of Business Continuity Planning and Crisis Response experience, I am adept at reviewing risks and dependencies and quickly identifying resilience gaps.


Working with you I’ll help build ownership, understanding and confidence at all levels of your incident response so key services and customer experience don’t fall over during disruption.

Giving a helping hand to people and organisations wishing to implement disaster planning

Resilience Gap Analysis Service

  • COVID-19, and the implementation of new technologies has transformed operational delivery for many organisations. It is essential to ensure that hybrid ways of working are resilient and that your continuity and emergency response strategies will be effective. Are you clear where your gaps are now?

  • The Resilience Gap Analysis Service is designed to help you understand

                    -  where are we at now?

                    -  are our continuity strategies fit for purpose and kept at readiness?

                    -  what does 'good' look like?

                    -  where are the gaps, risks and priorities?

                    -  and how do we best address them?

  • Build senior ownership – engage your Executive Team to invest time and effort to deliver improvements to mitigate key risks

  • Helps you set strategy and identify and implement good practice

  • Guides you to embed resilience thinking in every area of your organisational delivery


Various models of support are available, recognising that sometimes an expert advisor on the end of the phone is what is most needed to guide and coach your staff.


Develop response capabilities and strategies

​Exercise and Plan validation (stress testing)

I bring huge experience of designing and delivering the full range of exercise types from tabletop and command post exercises to full live play exercises with partners

  • Exercise design

  • Table top exercises

  • Command post and control room testing

  • Live play

  • Multi-media injects

  • Exercise programme – let me help you bring together your testing and plan validation into a coherent, risk based multi-year programme


  • Audit Ready? Are you going further and looking for external validation of your BCMS? As a qualified Lead Auditor to ISO22301 and with experience of designing, implementing and then certifying a full organisation wide Business Continuity management System, I can help with all your ISO22301 support needs from gap analysis to full certification.

Incident Debriefing

  • Post incident do you need a professional and independent resilience expert to help you identify good practice, much needed improvement and review of the all-important human factors?

  • Do you need assistance with the design and implementation of projects to deliver lessons identified

ISO 22301 audit preparation for business continuity management

Audit preparation for ISO22301

“Your ISO 22301 project was, in my experience, simply the most successful and effective project I have seen at Surrey and no one else but you can take the credit for it. You are very good at what you do!”

James Newby – Director of Business Improvement, University of Surrey

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